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Where's Agatha Session 2

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And welcome back to our Where’s Agatha Actual Play series! If this is your first time here I recommend you join our Discord, where we do all of our interviews, you can chat with the cast  and occasionally run online gaming sessions.

This is going to be session 2 of Where’s Agatha? our Savage Worlds game in the universe of our Who's Agatha? Actual Play from last season. This separate yet connected story follows a down and out police detective who gets mixed up with a Faerie searching for his sister in the strange and magical land of Boston. You can find both our session zero and session 1 on Our Website.

Last session Goathair was visited by an old friend, Jasper, who had a favor to hold over him. The request was simple. Find a woman with only a picture and a name, Agatha. The only complication being that Jasper last met this woman in 1885. After a preliminary investigation, all the clues pointed them to a number of local universities as well as a strange incident on Summer Street. As our heroes “hit the streets” they stumbled upon the last person Goathair would ever want to see, Arethusa Faerie Knight of the Air Kingdom.

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With all that out of the way let’s jump in exactly where we left off, with Where’s Agatha? Session 2