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Episode 10 - Shannon Steele

Welcome back to the Gaming With Gage, your podcast for roleplaying games and the periphery.


Thanks for being here.

I wanted to take a moment to apologize for the lack of episode last week. We did record an episode but when we started editing we realize that we were missing the guest half of the recording. Unfortunately, I was out of town on business and time ran out. This was a freak accident and will not be the norm.


Our guest from that ruined episode was kind enough to sit down for another interview and I’m happy to say this week I spoke Shannon Steele of the Gamerstable podcast. We had a few technical difficulties but Shannon was patient enough to fight through them so we could deliver this episode.


We talked about Shannon’s intro to gaming, which was on a recorded actual play and her introduction to GMing. You can find Shannon on the Gamerstable podcast or on twitter @Shannon_Steele


We’re still accepting requests for new guests and topics. Reach out to us on Our Website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


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Now let’s jump into Episode 10 - Shannon Steele


Some properties we talked about this week are

Dungeons & Dragons    

Savage Worlds

East Texas University

Film Reroll