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Christoff Visscher

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This week I had the chance to talk with Christoff Visscher of Cantrip Candles. If the name sounds familiar it’s because we burn Cantrip Candles when we record our Who’s Agatha actual play. Cantrip Candles are crafted for Tabletop Roleplaying Games with scents like Stonemoss Chapel, Black Hound Tavern and The Library Scriptorium. We love these candles and I was so pleased that Christoff was able to come on the show.


We did have a small audio issue that resulted in the first couple minutes of the show being cut. If it seems like Christoff and I are fast friends in the middle of conversation it’s because of this audio issue and because Christoff is a really cool person.


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Now let’s jump into Episode 6 with Christoff Visscher