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Where's Agatha Session 4

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And welcome back to our Where’s Agatha Actual Play series! If this is your first time here I recommend you join our Discord, where we do all of our interviews, you can chat with the cast  and occasionally run online gaming sessions.

This is going to be session 4 of Where’s Agatha? our Savage Worlds game in the universe of our Who's Agatha? Actual Play from last season. This will also be the first session using the new Savage Worlds Adventure Edition. We do a little bit housekeeping about the changes in the top of the show. Last session we left off with Max, a down and out police detective, and Goathair, an in over his head Fey, visiting the nightclub of one of their many enemies, Jimmy Callahan. After a wonderful performance the boys were invited backstage to meet with the Fey performer, Aurora.

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With all that out of the way let’s jump into Where’s Agatha? Session 4