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Savage RIFTS with Jeremy Puckett

Welcome back to Gaming with Gage, your podcast for Roleplaying Games and the Periphery.

Thanks for being here!

And thank you for joining us for Season 4! Those of you who have been listening for a while know that new seasons are opportunities for us to try new things and this season is no different. We’re bringing back topic episodes! This gives us a chance to have some new and old voices dig into specific gaming areas that we just couldn’t do it our interview/AP format from Season 3. But what about the APs? You ask. We’re still going to be doing them, but probably not as often. What about the finale to Where’s Agatha? You ask on queue. Unfortunately that episode has been delayed due to scheduling, though we will be bringing back Who’s Agatha? this season!

I haven’t been sitting idly by these last two months either. Some of you will have already noticed that I’ve joined GamersTable as a cast member. Not only was GamersTable one of the first RPG podcasts I listened to but Eric Ausley was our very first guest on this show, so this is a very special to me and I hope you all enjoy the show. I’ve also released my first title under the Savage Worlds Adventurers' Guild! A Savage Guide to Dinosaurs features 19 fully statted dinosaurs as well as an original One Sheet called Dino World.

To kick of our Season Premiere I invited Jeremy Puckett, creator of Heroes of Terra, to talk about Savage RIFTS. With the new Savage RIFTS kickstarter finished I wanted to provide a good starting point for people who were interested in the setting but didn’t know where to start. People like me, who knew nothing about it except the word Glitterboy. Jeremy was kind enough to come on the show and educate me.

If you have ideas for topic episodes, the best place to let us know is on our Discord. It’s also where we do all of our interviews and occasionally run online gaming sessions. You can also spy on my current “home” game   

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And with all that out of the way, let’s jump into Savage RIFTS with Jeremy Puckett.

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