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Chad Wattler

Welcome back to Gaming with Gage, your podcast for Roleplaying Games and the Periphery.

Thanks for being here

And thank you so much for your patience this week! Those of you in our Discord already know that I was traveling last week and it really threw off our release schedule. Turns out when you fly with a 14 month old your chances of getting sick are 100%! But better late than never.

This week I had the chance to chat with Chad Wattler of Fear the Boot. While we’ve chatted on Discord and on an episode or two of Gamerstable, this was my first chance to talk with Chad one on one and it was a treat. We talked about how he got into Roleplaying Games and about what keeps him going after all these years. Guys, Fear the Boot’s been out for a long time.

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With all that out of the way let’s jump into our chat with Chad Wattler.

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