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Showcase Session 1

Welcome back to the Gaming With Gage, your podcast for roleplaying games and the periphery.



Thank you for being here for the finale of our first season. It’s been such a wonderful experience and I’m so grateful for all of the positive feedback we’ve received. I’ve had the opportunity to chat with some of my favorite creators about my favorite topics and I’ve been able to share that with you. It’s truly been my pleasure.


For the Season Finale we’re going to actually be Gaming With Gage. For some of our listeners who are completely new to gaming, who have reached out with questions, you have been heard. Hopefully this brief Actual Play with fan favorite and my wife, Amanda Verronneau, will give you a snapshot of what tabletop roleplaying game can be.  In this showcase you’ll hear Amanda’s character, Agatha Nolan, drop into a crazy world where nothing is like it seems. You know, Boston. We used Pinnacle Entertainment Group’s Savage Worlds system for this game and if it strikes your fancy you should definitely try it out.  


These showcase episodes are a new thing for us so let us know what your thoughts are. If you enjoy them we may have some more in Season 2, Let us know what you think on Our Website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Discord!

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We’ll be back on June 4 with Season 2 of Gaming With Gage

Now let’s jump into Episode 16 - Showcase Session 1