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Episode 14 - Alex Roberts

Welcome back to the Gaming With Gage, your podcast for roleplaying games and the periphery. 

Thanks for being here.

This week I sat down with game designer and podcaster Alex Roberts. We talked about Alex’s podcast Backstory, which is like this show, but better! Most excitingly we talk about Alex’s new game Star Crossed, a forbidden romance rpg with a Jenga tower mechanic. I’ve been excited for this game since it first popped up on my radar and am so happy that the kickstarter is going live on April 10th. For updates on the game you can follow Alex on twitter @muscularpikachu and follow Bully Pulpit Games @BullyPulpitGames_HQ.

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Now let’s jump into Episode 14 - Alex Roberts

Some properties we talked about this week are

Star Crossed

Golden Cobra Challenge

Autumn of the Ancients


183 Days

She's a Super Geek

Gamma World

Mutant Future

The Jank Cast